Food and ideal diet ppt

Eat, don't drink your fruits and vegetables.

Gesunde Ernährung Powerpoint-Vorlage

Ideal Diet Summary Protein Meat, eggs, and dairy should be organic and derived from pasture-raised animals; available from your local farmer or regional Costco. What is a balanced diet? Ah yes, chocolate! High in anti-oxidants, chocolate stimulates endorphin activity, lowers blood pressure and LDL's.

Restaurant dining. Other beneficial Ideal Diet foods. Include some probiotics like yoghurt or buttermilk and fibre from fresh salads to complete your meal. Multiple vitamins for your specific category: What Is A Balanced Diet? Animal fats. Take as directed. Found in fermented foods or a variety of supplements.

To enhance nutrient absorption, add butter or cream sauce to fish and sour cream to roe. Make it a mix of high-fibre whole grains like brown rice, barley or jowar, starchy carbs and some good source of proteins like cottage cheese, pulses, chicken or fish.

Root vegetables are high in carbohydrates and contribute to weight gain. Don't curfew carbs, it's all about quality and quantity. All quick-cooking grains such as instant rice and wheat cereals, as well as rice cakes, and ready-to-eat breakfast cereals are actually as processed as obviously problematic potato chips!

August 28, Consume with the fat and avoid overcooking to maintain tenderness. They can be derived from nuts, oilseeds, fruits and green leafy vegetables. Coconuts and olives, organic and virgin oils. Fruits eaten in season, or berries any time, servings a day.

Raw meat. Lamb, beef, and pork. Vitamins are fragile compounds and it's difficult to shuttle them as they may be destroyed during cooking or storing. Vegetables eaten raw, cooked, or fermented. Then you remain in phase two until you reach percent of your weight loss goal.

Healthy Diet PowerPoint Templates

When you reach phase four, you return to normal eating and maintain your weight loss by making healthier food choices. The more a food is processed, the less easily it is recognized by our bodies as familiar food, and to paraphrase Michael Pollan, if it's unpronounceable, it's probably inedible.

Vital Supplements Although not strictly food, these are food-based supplements and provide basic nutrients difficult to obtain fully from food itself.

Who grows your meat? Ron's freeze-dried organ supplements. Colorful and bitter green vegetables are especially rich in nutrients.

Ideal Diet

This doesn't mean you eat more but spread your daily requirements throughout the day. The thumb rule - don't fear trying different oils. Second choice is organic milk from grass-fed cows, pasteurized but not ultra-pasteurized.Ideal Protein provides a variety of prepackaged meals.

Breakfast items include cheese omelet, cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, muffins and crepes. Available lunch foods include vegetable chili, spaghetti, beef stew, chicken soup, leek soup and mushroom soup.

Es ist eine freie PPT - Vorlage, die einen himmelblauen Hintergrund und ist ideal für Ernährungswissenschaftler oder Menschen, die die Folie mit einer Präsentation von Lebensmitteln oder gesunde Lebensmittel PPT zu beziehen müssen. Be effective with all your PowerPoint presentations by simply putting your content in our Healthy Diet professional PowerPoint templates, which are very economical and available in green colors.

These Healthy Diet editable PowerPoint templates are royalty free and easy to use. Diet and 1. Dr. Shamanthakamani Narendran M.D. (Pead), Ph.D.

(Yoga Science) DIET & NUTRITION 2. Oh, God, Give us food which does not cause any disease and also gives us strength - Yahurveda He, who takes food in proper measure lives a long life and lives without disease, gets strength and alertness of mind. The components of the balanced diet remain the same, the difference lies in how they're served at every meal.

Dr. Gargi Sharma guides us to create an ideal routine. Breakfast: A good morning meal should comprise of three things. Simple powerpoint on food groups - pictures and roles in the body.3,5/5(10).

Food and ideal diet ppt
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